On the twelfth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me...

drummersIt’s Tuesday 23rd December, the final day of work for many of us, and it’s here … the final day of my very own take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Thank you for all the lovely feedback I’ve had over the last 12 days, and apologies to those people who are thoroughly sick to the teeth of seeing my name in their inbox – I promise you won’t hear from me again now till next year!

So what is in store for you today, I hear you cry. Well…

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me …

Twelve Apps Connected!

Earlier this year, friend and business colleague Kerry-Anne Orr alerted me to a fantastic tool called Zapier, and I thought it was only fair to let you know about it too. 

Zapier is all about connecting web apps and tools together to help you automate what you do and manage your time more effectively. (Okay I’ll admit it – it’s yet another productivity tool!)

So what can you do with Zapier? Well, some of the things I do are:

  • Connect my blog posts to Evernote so a copy is filed away  
  • Create tasks in more than one to do app at once
  • Add webinar signups to my mailing list
  • Send reminders about events via my email
  • Share blog posts with social media sites

Zapier can link dozens of web apps to other web apps, and really you’re limited only by your imagination!

The basic service is free to use (you do need a premium account for some features – around £10 a month) and you get 100 actions each month – but sign up using this link: http://zpr.io/gCWx and you (and I) will get an extra 100 actions.

I love Zapier, and I hope you’ll explore it and love it too!

So that brings my 12 days of Christmas to an end. If you’ve missed any of them, or want to take advantage of any of the offers, you have until the end of the year to do so – and you can find them all by clicking here.

Finally, I have just one thing left to say to you – and you can hear it here:

Have a very happy Christmas!!

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