The first Faringdon Jelly – a quick report

I organised the first Faringdon Jelly today – well, I say organised – after my initial burst of enthusiasm I was so busy I didn’t have time to properly promote it, so I really wasn’t expecting anyone to show up. So I was really chuffed when Martin from Brickends saw a message on Twitter saying I was sitting in the i-cafe in Faringdon on my own, and he decided to come along! We spent about three hours chatting and working and it was a really interesting experience. In terms of productivity I couldn’t do this all the time – I got done what I had to do but nothing else – but in terms of socialising with another local business it was really enjoyable, and made a pleasant change to working alone in my home office.

Anyway, I’ve decided to give it another go and the next Faringdon Jelly is scheduled for Monday 30th April. It’s free but places are limited to 8 so if you’re free that day and want to come along please book your place.

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  • Thanks Alison, I’m glad I helped to make it something of a success and would definitely encourage others to join us next time. I really liked the informal approach and felt I got a lot out of it, partly in terms of tangible work done but mainly the informal chat about work, ideas, business (and LEGO of course!).

    Thanks also go to the i-Cafe for hosting us. I’m sure they will see some more visits from me as a result…so everyone’s a winner.

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