Exciting developments at Proof Fairy HQ

Over the last twelve months my services have diversified from basic proofreading and editing to web design, blogging and social media. Basically, I gave myself a mission – to help every small business tap into the power of the internet to market themselves – and I’ve been developing the products and service with that goal in mind.

So today I’m thrilled to announce that I am part of the team of a brand new venture – HodgesNet. HodgesNet brings together a group of internet marketing professionals who can offer business owners the full range of internet marketing tools – everything from web design and SEO to email marketing, link building, blogging and affiliate marketing. I am the specialist copywriter on the team, so I will be helping businesses to get their blogging campaigns underway by writing customised articles and promoting those articles via social media. It’s a service I already offer under my own banner, but being part of the HodgesNet team raises my profile to a much wider market.

I’m really excited about the opportunity and we already have a few hot prospects lined up – so I’m looking forward to being very busy in the coming weeks and months!

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