On the tenth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me…

lords leapingWe’re nearly at the end of our 12 Days of Christmas – hope you are managing to cope with the seasonal overload and are getting things under control so you can take Christmas off and enjoy time with your friends and family instead of working!

Which brings me to today’s gift … and we’re back on the old productivity bus again!

On the tenth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me …

Ten Workflows Managed!

A couple of months ago I mentioned an app I was using called Workflowy. Having tried it months ago and rejected it for being too … well just not for me, I’d recently given it another go and was finding it a vital part of my working day.

Workflowy is a very minimalistic list app where you can create lists within lists within lists. Each list is a list in its own right and you can focus on one individual list or how that list fits into the bigger picture.

However, despite the simple look of the app, it’s actually really powerful, as you can add notes and tags to any item on any list, search for particular tags, delete, drag and drop any item or list into another one, and even share specific lists with other people – without giving them access to anything else. Great for managing tasks across teams!

I’ve been using Workflowy for everything – not least planning for Xmas! Within my Workflowy account I have a Business List and a Personal list. On the Personal list there’s a Xmas list, and within there is a Card list – with everyone ticked off, but I can uncomplete each entry in one click and use the list as a template next year – and a Present list. Next to each present idea I’ve added a tag, e.g. #ordered, #homemade, #buy – and I can easily call up all the things tagged #buy so I can see exactly what I still need to get. And because Workflowy is on my computer, iPhone and iPad AND it updates instantly on each device, it means I can access the list whenever I want.

Workflowy is free to use, and you can create 250 things on your lists every month. However, if you click here and sign up you’ll get 500 things … so you can create lists to your heart’s content! And yes, I get an extra 250 things for everyone signing up on that link too …

(For more about Workflowy read my blog post here.)


Image courtesy of James Barker at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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