On the ninth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me…

ladies dancingWow, I’ve had some great feedback for the productivity app review I wrote yesterday – and some fantastic recommendations too! Guess what I’ll be doing over my Christmas break ūüėČ

Anyway, on with today’s gift:

On the ninth day of Christmas the Proof Fairy gave me …

Nine Newsletters!

I’ve talked a lot about newsletters in recent newsletters (haha!) so I won’t go on too much here. But really, if you’re not sending out a newsletter at least once a month, if not more regularly, then you’re missing a trick. I try to send one every week and not a week goes by when I don’t get an email back commenting on it. OK it doesn’t always lead directly to sales – but that’s not the point. It’s more about making sure you are in the minds of your clients, so when they do need something you offer, you are the first person they contact.

There are many different ways you can organise newsletters. I try to do a weekly one with one topic in it, but another popular way is to send a longer monthly newsletter with something for everything. For example, your newsletter could include:

  • Top tips and advice
  • In-house news
  • Special offers
  • Case studies
  • Industry news
  • Events
  • Links to longer articles on your website

The great thing about newsletters is that you can often re-purpose the content to use in other places Рfor example, newsletter articles make good blog posts, which you can turn into videos or even record as podcasts Рand, of course,
promote through your social media platforms 

So if you’re thinking 2015 is the year you really ought to get your newsletter off the ground, why not take advantage of today’s special offer …. the first 9¬†people who contact me today can have three months of newsletter production for just ¬£300 (normally ¬£450). ¬†And this is what you get for your money:

  • One newsletter a month, created from content you supply in Mailchimp (or another service if that’s what you use)
  • Images sourced to illustrate your newsletters
  • 3-4 blog posts created from newsletter content and scheduled on your blog throughout the month
  • Newsletter database updated every month (from data you provide)

To take advantage of this offer, or to discuss whether a newsletter would work for you, get in touch today!

And if you want to have a go at doing a newsletter yourself,¬†don’t forget the free MailChimp guide I gave away on day 3 …


Image courtesy of James Barker at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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