A writing project for 2013 - I need your help!

For a long time now I’ve wanted to write a book about Christmas. As a child I thought everyone “did” Christmas the same way my family did, but as I got older and spent Christmas in different places and with different people I discovered that actually everyone has their own unique way of celebrating Christmas – and the idea for a book was born.

I want to write a book called (provisionally) My Christmas, which includes stories of lots of different Christmases, both in the UK and abroad, now and in the past. But because I obviously only know my own Christmas, I need you to tell me about yours. Click here to visit my personal blog site to read full details of the project and how to get involved – and please do share it because I would love to get as many stories as possible. If it comes together, the book will be published in December 2013 and 50% of the profits will go to a homeless charity such as Shelter or Crisis at Christmas.

Thanks for reading, please do get involved and have a very happy Christmas!



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