Would You Like to Join a New Writing Group in Faringdon, Oxfordshire?

I’m thinking of starting a casual drop-in writing group in Faringdon, Oxfordshire – would you be interested in joining it?

publishing services for authorsAt the moment I haven’t got any further than thinking it would be great to have a creative writing group in Faringdon where writers of all levels of ability can get together to write, exchange ideas and make friends.

I’m thinking the Pump House, the Pump Rooms, the Old Town Hall or perhaps even Costa Coffee might be a good venue. I’m open to suggestions though! If there is a room fee perhaps everyone could contribute a couple of pounds to it …

Initially I’d suggest meeting once a month. I personally would prefer a weekday afternoon but if the general consensus of opinion was for an evening then so be it!

I have a good supply of writing books and magazines so can provide prompts for writing on the day – or if you are writing a novel, poetry etc then you could bring that along and work on it.

I’m thinking of each meeting being a couple of hours long, with a format along the lines of:

  • General chat, introductions/update on writing progress, successes etc (15 mins)
  • Short talk on an aspect of writing and publishing – topics to be agreed by the group (10 mins)
  • Writing time – either on a writing prompt or own project (45 mins)
  • Feedback – time to read out an extract of your work and get feedback from others (45 mins)
  • Wrap up – next meeting date, any notices including competitions etc (5 mins)

If you are interested in joining such a group, please contact me. Please note I won’t be starting anything till May at the earliest because of prior commitments!


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