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And what do YOU do?

Recently I’ve been to a lot of different networking events, as well as my regular 4N ones. Now I love going out and meeting new people, but it does get a bit wearing when everyone keeps asking you, “And what do YOU do?” Normally I say, “Well, I do some proofreading, copywriting, editing, that kind more »

Are you 100% sure you can proofread your own work?

Most of us are unable to proofread our own words. By the time we’ve thought them, written them, read them and checked them we know them so well we see what we expect to see, not what is actually on the page. I offer a Pay As You Go Proofreading Service, and will proofread all your documents, no matter how large or small.

How my editing service can help your business

People often don’t understand how outsourcing to or using an editing and writing service can help them with their business. I hope this little story will give you some ideas on how you can use my services to help you promote your business! One of my biggest clients organises biotechnology events and recently went to more »

How to stand out at networking events

I love seeing people who are really passionate about their business when they introduce themselves at networking events. I’ve always  found it difficult to do the same myself though, even though I love what I do. After all, proofreading and editing just isn’t very exciting, is it? I was proved wrong in a one to more »

I’m a mover and a shaker!

I’ve recently been promoted within 4Networking and am now the Area Leader responsible for all four groups in Oxfordshire. The Oxford Times decided to include me in their “Movers and Shakers” business section. Here’s the website article

More proof that spell checkers aren’t perfect

This poem proves perfectly why you should never ever rely on a spell checker. A basic one will allow through all these words, even though over half of them are incorrectly used. A more sophisticated spell checker will pick up that words are wrong within the context … but would everyone know what to replace more »

So who is this Proof Fairy anyway?

The Proof Fairy is the alter ego of me, Alison Neale, and I have always been fascinated by the written word. As a child I spent hours locked away in my bedroom, book in hand. English was  my favourite subject at school and I often wrote stories and articles, some of which were published in more »