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The Online Marketing Mix is live!

This week I’ve been working on a new and exciting project along with a friend and colleague, Jane van Velsen, and the finished product went live on Friday. It’s called The Online Marketing Mix and it’s a community blog that brings together experts from every area of online marketing. The aim of the blog is …

A good proofreader is never off duty!

While you can learn to proofread, the vast majority of professional proofreaders would probably agree with me that the ability to spot typos and errors is actually a gift, something you’re born with, rather than a learned skill. In fact, it’s probably more like a curse – because when you are a natural proofreader you can’t just switch off the eagle eyes!

3 examples of why proofreading is so important

As a professional proofreader, most of the errors I pick up are fairly unexciting, but there have been a few high profile ones recently that bring home just how important proofreading really is. I hope the following will bring a smile to your face – and also make you double check your work from now on (or, better still, send it to me!)

7 ideas for your business blog

Blogging for business is a fabulous way to promote your website, because it keeps the content fresh and that attracts new visitors, keeps people coming back for more AND lets the search engines know your website is active. But inspiration often dries up after the first few posts – so what can you blog about? …

Blogging for Business: video advert!

My first foray into video blogging – this is also on YouTube and I hope it will capture a % or two of the 2 billion+ views every day! The music’s a little cheesy but the message is there 😉 Thanks to Maximum Marketing for creating this!

Time for a Change!

One of the wonderful things about having your own business is that you don’t have to keep treading the same path and doing the same things. Businesses grow organically and being your own boss means you can respond to change really quickly. And that’s what’s been happening with The Proof Fairy. When I first started …

Blogging for business – are you doing it?

Most people have heard of blogging; lots do it. But plenty of businesses don’t realise just how useful a regularly updated blog can be, and now I can help. So why blog? What benefits will it have to your business? Well to start with, blogging for business is great for improving your search engine ranking. …