Hosting my first ever webinar – on blogging!

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I’m hosting my first ever webinar next Monday (21st November).  Titled 7 Steps to Blogging Success, the webinar will help blogging beginners work out what they want their blog to achieve and how to do it.

Blogging is a really effective way for small businesses to win sales and I think I’ve become a woman on a mission to get everyone blogging! Internet marketing company HubSpot did research a while ago and found that websites that have a blog get around 55% more traffic than websites that don’t. I’ve actually seen that happen with my own blog. During the summer months I was really busy and simply didn’t get round to blogging on this site, and my web traffic dropped. In September I started blogging again – September’s traffic was up 48% on August’s, and increased a further 12% again in October. All those new visitors are potential customers!

Anyway, after doing a couple of successful presentations at networking meetings recently, I decided I’d try and reach a wider audience through a webinar. It’ll be about half an hour long and will include time for questions, so I really hope people will get involved.

It takes place on Monday 21st November at 2pm GMT – but if you can’t attend then I will be recording it so can send you the link after the event. To take part – either live or through the recording – please register here:

See you next Monday!



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