Graze, Jelly and local radio!

Just a quick news update before I wrap things up for the weekend.

You may remember that I was renting office space during most of 2011, but that came to an end in December, after which I was back to working from the corner of the dining room – which wasn’t ideal. A change of personal circumstances has meant we’ve been able to move house and I now have a home office for the first time ever! I love having a dedicated space to work in with a door I can close behind me at 5pm. The only problem is that it can be a little isolated … which is when I started thinking about Jelly.

Jelly is an informal co-working event where freelancers, home workers and small/micro business owners bring their laptops and work, chat and collaborate with other small business owners. It’s not really about networking – though of course some of that will go on. It’s more about working alongside other people so when you want some advice or an opinion you have someone to exchange ideas with. A few people I know have been involved with jelly events in other areas and I really like the sound of it, but there isn’t one close enough for me to get to. Which is when I thought: “Why not start one yourself?!”

So the first Faringdon Jelly Event takes place on Monday 26th March at the newly opened i-cafe in town. Chances are it’ll just be me and my laptop on my tod, but hopefully a couple of other people will come along – and if it’s a success it may well become a monthly event. If you’re in the area and fancy joining in you can book in here – it’s free, I just want to keep an eye on numbers in case it turns out to be a resounding success and we take over the cafe!

I posted a message on the Faringdon.org website to promote the event and was contacted by Sean of Faringdon Radio. He came round today and we recorded a short interview about the Jelly, which will be live on the website early this week.

So that’s Jelly and local radio – but what about grazing? Well today I received my first ever nibbles box from Graze … and it was really delicious! I’ve decided to order one a week, on a Friday, as a reward for a week of hard work!




  1. So, how did your first Jelly event go?

    PS. Mmmm, Graze. I allow myself one box every two weeks.

    1. Actually at the first Faringdon Jelly now … only two of us here but the other person is a guy who I’ve never met before and we’re getting on well, so I would say it’s a success! The next one is planned for April 30th and I already have half a dozen people interested.

      The Graze boxes are lovely – it’s now my Friday afternoon treat!

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