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WHAT’S YOUR STORY? How to take your non-fiction book from possibility to plan to publication* takes everything I’ve learned through writing books myself and helping my clients to write and self-publish books, and delivers it to you in a conversational, friendly way.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? comes out in early November 2021 in paperback and Kindle formats.

Over 500 pages, the book takes you through the six key stages of writing and publishing a non-fiction book, and looks at some of the opportunities that can come about as the result of being an author.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a non-fiction book but have not known how to start, you need this book!

It covers the following topics:

Part 1 – Planning Your Book

  • Why Do You Want to Write a Book?
  • What The Heck Are You Going to Write About?!
  • Structuring and Finetuning Your Content
  • WIIFT? and WIIFM?
  • Who is Your Ideal Reader?
  • Guide, Memoir or Manual?
  • Research
  • Choosing Your Book Title

Part 2 – Writing Your Book

  • How Are You Going to Write Your Book?
  • Where to Write
  • When to Write
  • Writing Tips and Tricks
  • How Long Should Your Book Be?

Part 3: Editing Your Book

  • What Does Editing Mean?
  • The First, Second, Third … Fourth … Fifth Edit!
  • Beta Readers
  • Why Bother with a Proofreader?

Part 4: Publishing Your Book

  • A Bit of Background History on Printing
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Hybrid/Partner Publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Print Book, E-book, or Audiobook?
  • Choosing a Self-publishing Platform
  • All About ISBNs
  • How Do You Price Your Book?
  • My Own Publishing Story

Part 5: Formatting Your Book

  • What Do I Mean by ‘Formatting’?
  • Formatting Your Book for Self-published Print Format
  • Formatting Your E-book
  • Cover Design
  • Uploading Your Book
  • Five Things to Do Once Your Book Has Been Published

Part 6: Promoting Your Book

  • Why You Need to Promote Your Book
  • Build a Website
  • Social Media
  • Run a Competition
  • Plan a Book Launch
  • Media Coverage
  • Reviews
  • Local Bookstores
  • Advertising
  • Amazon Price Reductions, Giveaways and Countdown Deals
  • Podcasts, Interviews, Book Tours

Part 7: What’s Next? Making the Most of Opportunities

  • Be Seen as an Expert
  • Become a Media Darling!
  • Public Speaking
  • Voluntary Work
  • Running Events
  • A Whole New Business
  • A Change to an Existing Business



*Subtitle to be decided!

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