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Writing can be a solitary hobby – all those hours slaving away over a notepad or laptop – but it doesn’t have to be. Writers’ groups are a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people to exchange ideas and get feedback – but what if you’re not able to get out of the house, or there isn’t a group near you or at a convenient time?

The Online Writers’ Club is a friendly community where writers from around the world can come together to develop their writing skills, give and receive feedback and make new friends. Launched in conjunction with 2Networking, each 90-minute monthly session includes the opportunity to:

  • Take part in a mini-masterclass on different aspects of writing
  • Put your questions to established authors in many different genres.
  • Get feedback on your own writing in a friendly environment.
  • Enjoy fun LIVE writing activities.
  • Make new friends! 

The Online Writers’ Club takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6pm BST/GMT on Zoom. It is open to everyone who enjoys writing, regardless of your age, location, genre or ability. Booking is essential and meetings cost just £7.20 each (£6 + VAT).

Hear me talk about the Online Writers’ Club here

Online Writers’ Club 2022 programme

All sessions are on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 6pm – 7.30pm BST/GMT.

Wednesday 22nd June: What makes a good blog post? with Dr Rebekah Smith

What makes a good blog post? Dr Rebekah Louisa Smith (aka Rebekah Film Dr) will show you how to make it succinct and impactful, and explains how to turn longer material (up to and including entire books) into blog content, and vice versa.

Rebekah was born in Worcestershire, United Kingdom and is an award-winning consultant and media personality with more than 10 years of film festival strategy consulting experience. 

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Wednesday 27th July: Finding Your Voice with A.D. Hyde

A.D. Hyde talks about the reasons for writing your first book and what it means to you, using his own experience of writing The Leukaemia Diaries. Then we will look at impostor syndrome – what are your qualifications for writing your book? Understanding that only you can tell your story allows you to find your voice or your style of writing.

Booking link coming soon

Wednesday 24th August: TBA with Teri M Brown

Booking link coming soon

Wednesday 28th September: Character-driven fiction with Alanna Irving

Booking link coming soon

Wednesday 26th October: TBA with James Jenkins

Booking link coming soon

Wednesday 23rd November: How to write non-fiction with Faigy Liebermann

In this masterclass, author and ADHD coach Faigy Liebermann will explain how to:

  1. Become aware of the tools and knowledge that you have at your disposal.
  2. Chunk them into categories.
  3. Get them down onto digital paper.
  4. FINISH…!

Booking link coming soon

December – Date TBA

Booking link coming soon

About 2Networking

It’s good to make friends!

We all reach a stage in our lives when our likes, interests and hobbies evolve and our friendship circles shrink, change or fall away.

Joining dating sites is great if you want to date… but let’s say you just wanted to meet people with similar interests, with a view to connect, and maybe grow into a new circle of friends.

Where would you go to make this happen?

Welcome to 2Networking, where meeting people has never been easier.

2Networking is Part of NetworkCentral.biz which brings over 15 years of business networking experience to introduce something which is new, radical and really needed in today’s busy society.

Events run by our members for you all! No membership required, just take a peek and see what appeals to you, book on and look forward to attending an event where everyone shares the same interest as you!

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