To see some of the books I have edited, proofread and formatted for Kindle/print please visit the bookshop.

These are a few of the websites created in WordPress for clients using The Proof Fairy’s low cost web design service.

All Voices Children’s Choir

DJ Lansdowne Plumbing

Out of the maze the clear-cut guide to business plans

Faringdon Ball

12-14 fitness – your happy size

Faringdon Loyalty Card

Bristol Sparks

Candida Lycett Green – author and journalist

Sally A Logan – Gratitude Marketing

CAC Events

RM Wetlands and Environment Ltd

Finishing Touches

John Betjeman Poetry Competition

Oasis Hypnotherapy

The Accountability Club

Birds 4 All Occasions (Owl ring bearer, dove release etc)

Newbridge Consultancy

Bishopsgate Copywriting

TPS Falconry and Pest Control

TPS Falconry and Pest Control

Oxford Coffee Concerts

Oxford Coffee Concerts

TPS Cherry Picker Hire and Repair

SMC Solar Power

Friends of the VDM

Friends of the VDM

Oxfordshire Book-keeping Services

Networking Women

The Proof Fairy


Below are some of the articles, brochures, magazines, booklets and articles I have produced recently.

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