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Author Coaching

Three levels of coaching to give you the support you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your writing goals, wherever you are in your book writing adventure.

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Designed for self-publishing authors in any genre, this package includes editing, formatting for print and Kindle, cover design, set up of account and upload to KDP Print.

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Memoir Writing

We all have stories to tell, yet when we’re gone, all that’s left are memories. Memoir writing tells your story in your words, without you needing to be a writer.

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Wherever you are in your book-writing journey, let's talk! Book a FREE discovery call to find out more about how I can help you bring your dream to reality.

What My Clients Say

Pascale LutzAuthor, ‘Trust Me. Follow Me.’ Sincerely, Your Intuition

Alison “got” me totally. She is so thorough and professional and my book reads beautifully. Alison works fast and efficiently and I was thrilled with the result. The fonts are beautiful, the cover is very attractive, everybody complimented me on it. I absolutely love it and would recommend Alison to everyone and advise them to trust her completely. I did and I am beyond thrilled.

Jenna Pogue

Following our chat back in April, I've now written 50,000 words of the first draft of my book. Thanks for setting me off on the right foot and providing the initial motivation I needed during that first chat.

Richard TubbAuthor of The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide

Alison provided invaluable help in editing and publishing my book idea and quite frankly, my book wouldn’t have made it to market without her expertise! Showing expertise and patience in equal amounts, Alison held my hand through the whole process ... and provided fantastic advice and guidance at every stage — including post-publication.

Dr Shakir MughalAuthor, Dental Success Stories

Alison provided us with a first class service when it came to proofreading, typesetting and publishing our book. Her knowledge and expertise were outstanding. She also delivered the book in the time frame agreed.

Will definitely be using her services again for the next book!

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