“What’s Your Story?”

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Take your non-fiction book from possibility to plan to publication… and beyond takes everything I’ve learned through writing books myself and helping my clients to write and self-publish books, and delivers it to you in a conversational, friendly way.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

The book takes you through the six key stages of writing, publishing and promoting a non-fiction book, and looks at some of the opportunities that can come about as the result of being an author.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a non-fiction book but have not known how to start, you need this book!

Buy your copy today!

What does WHAT’S YOUR STORY cover?

Part 1 – Planning Your Book

  • Why Do You Want to Write a Book?
  • What The Heck Are You Going to Write About?!
  • Structuring and Finetuning Your Content
  • WIIFT? and WIIFM?
  • Who is Your Ideal Reader?
  • Guide, Memoir or Manual?
  • Research
  • Choosing Your Book Title

Part 2 – Writing Your Book

  • How Are You Going to Write Your Book?
  • Where to Write
  • When to Write
  • Writing Tips and Tricks
  • How Long Should Your Book Be?

Part 3: Editing Your Book

  • What Does Editing Mean?
  • The First, Second, Third … Fourth … Fifth Edit!
  • Beta Readers
  • Why Bother with a Proofreader?

Part 4: Publishing Your Book

  • A Bit of Background History on Printing
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Hybrid/Partner Publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Print Book, E-book, or Audiobook?
  • Choosing a Self-publishing Platform
  • All About ISBNs
  • How Do You Price Your Book?
  • My Own Publishing Story

Part 5: Formatting Your Book

  • What Do I Mean by ‘Formatting’?
  • Formatting Your Book for Self-published Print Format
  • Formatting Your E-book
  • Cover Design
  • Uploading Your Book
  • Five Things to Do Once Your Book Has Been Published

Part 6: Promoting Your Book

  • Why You Need to Promote Your Book
  • Build a Website
  • Social Media
  • Run a Competition
  • Plan a Book Launch
  • Media Coverage
  • Reviews
  • Local Bookstores
  • Advertising
  • Amazon Price Reductions, Giveaways and Countdown Deals
  • Podcasts, Interviews, Book Tours

Part 7: What’s Next? Making the Most of Opportunities

  • Be Seen as an Expert
  • Become a Media Darling!
  • Public Speaking
  • Voluntary Work
  • Running Events
  • A Whole New Business
  • A Change to an Existing Business



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