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The Proof Fairy’s Privacy Policy and Website Terms

The Proof Fairy website (http://www.theprooffairy.com and http://www.theprooffairy.co.uk) and all other subdomains are used for the purposes of:

  • Marketing the products and services of The Proof Fairy
  • Offering advice and tips for people looking for help with editing, writing or marketing

Any data collection forms used on this site are used for the sole purpose of The Proof Fairy to contact you and see how I can help.

The Proof Fairy does not pass on your details to anyone, sell them or rent them to any third party to publish for public viewing. At your request I would be happy to send your contact details to anyone that you ask me to.


I use cookies to aid in the delivery of rich media content (videos etc) and also for the tracking of anonymous data that is used in the website analytics package (Google Analytics). This data is used to ensure that I am delivering the best quality content to you and other users.

If you subscribe to my mailing list your details are stored on a secure mail server provided by MailChimp. For more information on this, please contact me.

As mentioned the Proof Fairy website uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some of these cookies are essential to make this site work and others help me to improve the website by giving some insight into how the site is being used.

If you comment on any blog post a cookie is stored on your computer so that future comments may be entered more quickly and easily by you.

If you use the Live Chat feature a cookie will be stored on your computer to enable you to chat again without entering your details.

No information produced by the cookies from the  Proof Fairy site is shared with any other third party other than for the purposes decreed above. This will not contain any personal information.

I am not in control of the delivery of cookies from service providers such as Google Analytics and YouTube. Any comments or questions that you may have should be raised with the originator of those cookies.

Your use of this site is taken as consent to the placing of cookies on your system. If you disagree, please take the following action (for technical support please contact your IT support technician.

  • Close this website
  • Use your web browser’s tools to “delete your cache”
  • Quit your browser
  • You can then choose to disallow cookies from this website via browser settings
To view the full list of cookies on this site click here

Affiliate Links

From time to time I may recommend that you visit sites and use tools and books to improve your writing, editing or marketing. Some of these links use affiliate links and if you purchase using them, I may benefit by receiving a small commission from your purchase.

For more information, please contact Alison Neale, the Proof Fairy on 01367 888229 or use the form  on the Contact page.

Alison Neale t/a The Proof Fairy
23 Rawdon Way

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