About the Podcast

Each week in the Conversations with Authors podcast I talk to a published author about what inspires them to write, how they go about the process and what advice they have for other aspiring authors. I talk to writers of fiction, non-fiction and memoir, old and young, first time authors and prolific writers.

Conversations with Authors originally started back in 2014-15, when I recorded over 20 interviews with authors and published them on my website. Of course, podcasts weren’t really a thing back then – I was a bit of a trailblazer really! Those original interviews still exist and you can listen to them on player above or on the episode page. Although they may be out of date in some ways, they are still packed with hints and advice for aspiring authors.

I then relaunched Conversations with Authors in 2021, interviewing some of the original guests again and meeting new authors.

Listen to the podcast above on the player, here on my website or subscribe on all the main podcast platforms.

And if you are a published author (any publishing route, any genre) and would like to be a guest on the podcast, apply here.