My Author Coaching Package is the perfect way for you to write your first book, a book that will raise your profile and help you become THE expert in your field. Gaining expert status opens the door to so many new opportunities: speaking events, media appearances, workshops, conferences, podcasts, online programmes, high-ticket clients, recurring income through book sales and much more. The Author Coaching Package is especially useful for coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers, but is suitable for anyone who wants to write a non-fiction book, be it self-help, memoir, instruction manual business guide or a combination.

Writing a book isn’t an easy thing to do. Finding the time, motivation and focus to pick up a pen and write every day is something that defeats most of us, never mind working out what you’re going to write about and who you are writing for.

As your author coach, I will be your cheerleader, motivator, advisor, taskmaster and reviewer. Together we will identify why you want to write a book, what you want to write about and who it is for. We’ll thrash out what you want your reader to get out of the book – and what YOU want to get out of it, too. We’ll work out how and where you’ll find the time to write, and how you want to get published. We’ll also think about marketing so when your book comes out it’s already creating a buzz. And then, while you’re writing the book, I’ll be right there by your side, offering you advice, support, motivation and feedback until your manuscript is complete.

When you choose me to be your author coach, you have my guarantee that I will see your writing project through from start to finish, professionally and with passion.

The Author Coaching Package includes everything you need to plan, write, publish and promote your first book

The Author Coaching Package includes:

  • A workbook to help you uncover your topic, content and intended reader and, most importantly, WHY you want to write a book and what you intend to achieve from it.
  • 2 half-day online sessions to help you (1) identify your topic, ideal reader and work out why you want to write a book and (2) plan the content and structure.
  • 12 Zoom / Skype coaching sessions to set goals, overcome obstacles and keep you on target until your manuscript is complete. Depending on how quickly you want to complete the book, I’d suggest you have these weekly (complete in 3 months), fortnightly (6 months) or monthly (one year).
  • Unlimited email support Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm to answer your questions and provide personal feedback on your writing project.


Payable in three instalments.

To find out more about the Author Coaching Package please email me.