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“What’s Your Story?” Win a copy of my new book

a Rafflecopter giveaway WHAT’S YOUR STORY? How to take your non-fiction book from possibility to plan to publication* takes everything I’ve learned through writing books myself and helping my clients to write and self-publish books, and delivers it to you in a conversational, friendly way. WHAT’S YOUR STORY? comes out in early November 2021 in …

Paul Newton: Magician, Mind Reader and MentalTheft

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Paul Newton, a magician, mind reader and the author of “MentalTheft”. Paul started out providing entertainment at weddings and corporate events but now uses his skills to help people beat scammers. It’s a jam-packed conversation that includes crowdfunding, proofreading, content planning, branding, and how writing a book can make you an expert.

Keith Blakemore-Noble, the UK’s #1 Fear Strategist

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet award-winning international speaker and bestselling author of five books including “The Masks We Wear”, Keith Blakemore-Noble. Keith tells me about the trials and tribulations of putting together collaborative projects and how he turned a business presentation into a book. We also talk about writing what you know, structuring your content and Star Wars!

angiel simmons

Angie Simmons, mental wellness coach and author

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Angie Simmons, who is a qualified coach and mental wellness mentor, founder of The Growth Development Foundation and author of How Am I Feeling Today? which is a year-long undated journal that’s backed by neuroscience to help re-wire the brain. We talk baby steps, the quality of Amazon’s POD paperbacks, and using your own life experience to help other people.

Anika Goyal: author, podcaster and just 13 years old!

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet my youngest ever guest, Anika Goyal. Aged just 13, Anika is an author and podcaster and her first book Mixed Bowl of Stories was published when she was only 11! In our conversation we talk vision boards, publishing agents, planning, beta readers and why authors need to keep reading!

David M. Somerfleck: Digital Marketing Expert

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet David M Somerfleck. David is a digital marketing specialist with over 20 years’ experience working for marketing agencies. He is also a podcaster and the author of “The Road to Digital Marketing Profits”. In our conversation we talk about business FAQs, the saviour complex and why you should never proofread your own writing.

write a book

Why Write a Book Anyway?

It’s thought that around 80% of us want to write a book, but of those books that are actually started (and who knows how many people get beyond just thinking about it), 97% are never completed. Which suggests that fewer than 1% of people actually successfully write and publish a book! There are many reasons …

susan j walklate

Susan J Walklate: Radical Home Education

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Susan J Walklate. Susan home educated her son, Simon, and writes about her experience, and the experiences of four other home-educating families, in her book Radical Home Education. We talk about how writing about life experiences can be cathartic, how to choose the trim size of your book and the effects of the pandemic on home education.