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Conversations with Authors: Roger Edwards

6 May, 06:00
In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet marketing consultant and international speaker Roger Edwards, author of “Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans”. We talk about traditional vs. self-publishing and how dictation is a great tool for any author.

Being a cheerleader is one part of being a book coach

What Does an Author Coach Do?

The digital revolution has changed the world of publishing completely, and along the way, new jobshave been created. One of them is that of the author coach, also known as a writing coach or book coach. While there are plenty of author coaches around, it’s not a role everyone is familiar with, and every author more »

gordon frederick coggon

Conversations with Authors: Gordon Frederick Coggon

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet retired RAF veteran Gordon Frederick Coggon. Gordon completed his memoir at the age of 82 and he provides a fascinating insight into his time on Christmas Island in the 1950s, where he witnessed the UK Government’s nuclear tests.

Conversations with Authors: Dr Harry Singh

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet property investor, facial aesthetics expert and author of five books Dr Harry Singh. Harry talks about how he manages to write a book in just a few weeks, and why his books have become very effective business cards.

Conversations with Authors: Alan Owen

In this episode of “Conversations with Authors” I meet Alan Owen, founder of LABRATS and former chair of the British Nuclear Testing Veterans Association. In our conversation, we discuss print on demand versus vanity publishing, why you should never make assumptions, and how to use beta readers to ensure your book is as good as it can be.

Conversations with Authors: A.D. Hyde

In this episode of “Conversations with Authors” I meet A.D. Hyde, author of “The Leukaemia Diaries: Seeing the Funnier Side of Cancer”. In our conversation, Anthony explains how he found his voice as a writer and talks about being bitten by the writing bug.

Conversations with Authors: Faigy Liebermann

In this episode of “Conversations with Authors” I meet Faigy Liebermann, ADHD coach and author of three books aimed at women with ADHD. If you’ve ever been terrified by the sight of a blank page, Faigy gives her thoughts on how to overcome that fear and accept that there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to writing.