Business Blogging

Business blogging is one of the best ways to market your business online. It keeps your website content fresh, so the search engines can find you. It also keeps your visitors coming back to your website. But unless you are keen on writing, it can be one of those jobs that stays at the bottom of the “to do” list … and having a stale blog is almost worse than having no blog at all.

As The Proof Fairy I offer a range of business blogging services. Whether you need the occasional blog post, ongoing blog maintenance or a blog built from scratch, I can help you.

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So what are the benefits of business blogging?

In 2009 internet marketing company Hubspot surveyed its clients to find out how having a blog affected visitor numbers. They monitored the traffic to around 1500 websites – half had blogs, half didn’t.

The results were astonishing. They found that the businesses that blogged had:

  • 55% more visitors  – which means more people to convert to leads and clients
  • 97% more inbound links –which helps hugely with how search engines rank your site
  • 434% more indexed pages – more pages for the search engine spiders to index means a better chance of your website being found
So those companies that use business blogging as a marketing tool are in a far stronger position than those that don’t – which poses the question: Can you really afford NOT  to blog for YOUR business?


Business Blogging – what I offer

Original Blog Posts

The most important thing about blogs is that you need to post articles regularly – once a week at least, or even several times a week if you can. If you’re short of time or ideas send me a list of keywords, topics or issues that you would like to blog about. I’ll research the topics and send you original, well-written articles of around 400-600 words, based around your chosen topics.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements, and to find out about my money-saving blog post package deals. Call me on 01367 888229 or email me.

Blog Maintenance

If you already have a blog, but don’t have the time to keep it up to date, I can help. For a fixed monthly fee I will write at least four blog posts each month, upload them to your blog and promote them via your social media network. I’ll also do any general maintenance tasks such as updating your version of WordPress and backing up your blog, where possible.

Email me now, or call me on 01367 888229 to discuss your blog maintenance requirements.


Business Blogging Start-up Package

If you want to start using blogging as a marketing tool but don’t yet have a blog, the start-up package is perfect for you.

For a low setup cost and a small monthly fee, The Proof Fairy will magic away all the hassle of blogging!

The Blog Startup Package includes:

  • Set up of a WordPress blog, similar in style to your existing website if you wish (or using a WordPress theme of your choice)
  • Brand new blog entries every week, written specially for you, on your chosen topics or keywords
  • Management of the blog, including moderation of comments to keep the spammers away
  • Promotion of every blog entry via your social media network  – and to all MY Twitter and Facebook followers too (over 1200)

Of course, you will have overall control of the blog – you’ll be able to add to it whenever you wish, and will have final approval of everything  before it is published.

Email me now for more information on the Blogging for Business Startup Package, and a no-obligation quote


Don’t even have a website?!

At a fraction of the cost that most web designers charge, I can build you a website and integrated blog from scratch, using the WordPress platform. Have a look at the  low cost web design  page for more details.


Other copywriting

Please contact me if you have any other copywriting needs, especially if you require  info-driven material for your website, leaflets, brochures and other media.

Whilst I don’t personally offer sales copywriting or PR, I have a big network of copywriters and will be able to refer to you the right person for the job!
Email me today to discuss your requirements. You can also see some examples of my work in the portfolio.