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Eileen Forrestal

Eileen Forrestal: The Courage to Shine

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Eileen Forrestal, a retired anaesthetist who worked as a doctor for 32 years, took over a publishing company, began publishing a series of award-winning diaries and journals and has now written her memoir, “The Courage to Shine”. We discuss the power of saying yes, overcoming fear, being open to opportunities and using coaches and mentors to help you write your memoir.

mose gingerich

Mose J Gingerich: Murder mysteries in the Amish community

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Mose J Gingerich, a murder mystery author and former reality TV star who spent the first 23 years of his life in the Amish community. As well as shedding light on his unique background, we also talk about agents and publishers, audio books and the ‘golden hour’ for writing.

linda jamsen

Linda Jämsén, Memoir Writer: Odyssey of Love

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Linda Jämsén, author of Odyssey of Love: A Memoir of Seeking and Finding, which was published in June 2021. Linda is an American ex-pat living in Helsinki and her book tells the true story of how she moved across the world to find love! We talk about being authentic, writing at your own pace, and using editors and beta readers to make your book as good as it can be.

sean armstrong

Sean Armstrong: Disabled British Author of YA Science Fiction

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet British sci-fi author Sean Armstrong, a disabled British author writing under the name STL Armstrong. His first book, “The Green Girl and the Serum”, is the first in a series of six YA science fiction novels. We talk about the books, films and video games that gave Sean the inspiration for his series of superhero novels and Sean tells me about the sense of achievement he feels about becoming an author.

Beth Hildenbrand: mother, grandmother, poet and horror fantasy author

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I Beth Hildenbrand, the author of “Cain the Heretic Son” and “Heretic Faith”, which are the first two books in a dark horror fantasy trilogy, and two books of poetry. We talk about argumentative characters, writing as therapy and the importance of being part of a writing community, among other things.

Jim James, curator of “The UnNoticed Entrepreneur”

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Jim James, an entrepreneur who started his first company in Singapore at the age of 28 and has since opened offices in China, India and the UK. His first book, “The Unnoticed Entrepreneur” was curated from interviews for his public relations podcast “The UnNoticed Show”. We talk about tech tools for authors, book awards, merchandise and reader avatars, and Jim explains why writing a book is like running a marathon.

lawrence bradby

Lawrence Bradby: project-inspired art books

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Lawrence Bradby, a British author living in Portugal who has collaborated on two very unusual books: “The Day of the Duck”, with artist Helen Stratford, and “How to Play with MK”, which Lawrence wrote jointly with his family. Among the topics we discuss are taking time out to find creative inspiration, book launch events and writers’ groups versus a trusted circle of supporters.

Bobby Nash, multi-genre author – book marketing special

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I welcome back Bobby Nash, an award-winning author with over 150 writing credits to his name. The focus of our chat is on marketing your book, including pre-promotion, local media and conventions, and we also talk about visiting real-life locations as inspiration for your novel.