Want honest, impartial feedback on your writing? Send it to me for a no-holds-barred manuscript review!

I always recommend my clients give their manuscript to “beta readers” – test readers – before they pass it to an editor or proofreader. While you might think your book is perfect, you’re obviously biased! Letting someone not so emotionally connected read and feed back on your manuscript gives you an external perspective. Beta readers can spot plot holes, advise on content they found confusing or irrelevant, and provide you with a less biased¬† review.

But people often use friends and family as beta readers … so how unbiased is that manuscript review, really?

For just £99 I will read your book, cover to cover, and provide you with a detailed manuscript review including (but not limited to) feedback on the following areas:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (please note this is NOT a proofread – but if there are recurring errors, I’ll let you know)
  • Structure – of the book as a whole, and individual chapters
  • Clarity – does everything make sense?
  • Areas to expand on or edit down
  • My interpretation of your ideal reader – does the book appeal to your intended audience?
  • Recommendations on how to improve your manuscript

To find out more or book your manuscript review, email me or call me on 01367 888229.