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3 reasons why you really should be blogging!

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m always banging on about how blogging is the best online marketing tool for small businesses – and it’s true, the evidence backs it up. Online marketing experts Hubspot report annually on how effective inbound marketing (getting people to come to you) is over outbound marketing (sending info like direct …

7 ideas for your business blog

Blogging for business is a fabulous way to promote your website, because it keeps the content fresh and that attracts new visitors, keeps people coming back for more AND lets the search engines know your website is active. But inspiration often dries up after the first few posts – so what can you blog about? …

Blogging for Business: video advert!

My first foray into video blogging – this is also on YouTube and I hope it will capture a % or two of the 2 billion+ views every day! The music’s a little cheesy but the message is there 😉 Thanks to Maximum Marketing for creating this!