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How using a proofreader can increase your sales

There was an interesting report on the BBC website a few weeks ago that backed up what I’ve been saying for ages – typos and spelling errors really can cost you money, and using a proofreader can increase your sales. Online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe wanted see if spelling errors had any effect on website sales. …

Make proofreading part of the process, not an afterthought!

I know I probably bang on about the importance of proofreading a little too much but it really should be a vital part of the process whenever you create marketing materials – and not just an afterthought. Time and time again I find evidence that proofreading after the event can be an expensive exercise! The …

A good proofreader is never off duty!

While you can learn to proofread, the vast majority of professional proofreaders would probably agree with me that the ability to spot typos and errors is actually a gift, something you’re born with, rather than a learned skill. In fact, it’s probably more like a curse – because when you are a natural proofreader you can’t just switch off the eagle eyes!