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My first video testimonial

I’ve been working with Ant Hodges as part of the HodgesNet internet marketing team for a few months now. I am the team’s official client blogger and I’ve been writing on topics as diverse as technology and internet dating! I’m really thrilled that Ant has taken the time to create a video testimonial about me …

Make proofreading part of the process, not an afterthought!

I know I probably bang on about the importance of proofreading a little too much but it really should be a vital part of the process whenever you create marketing materials – and not just an afterthought. Time and time again I find evidence that proofreading after the event can be an expensive exercise! The …

Blogging for Business: video advert!

My first foray into video blogging – this is also on YouTube and I hope it will capture a % or two of the 2 billion+ views every day! The music’s a little cheesy but the message is there 😉 Thanks to Maximum Marketing for creating this!

So who is this Proof Fairy anyway?

The Proof Fairy is the alter ego of me, Alison Neale, and I have always been fascinated by the written word. As a child I spent hours locked away in my bedroom, book in hand. English was  my favourite subject at school and I often wrote stories and articles, some of which were published in …