How to Run a Kindle Countdown Deal

In a previous post I talked about what Kindle Countdown Deals are and what I discovered when I ran my own UK promotion. In this post I’ll show you how to set up a Kindle Countdown Deal so you can try out this marketing tool for yourself. Kindle Countdown Promotions are available on the .com more »

What Happened When I Ran a UK Kindle Countdown Deal

Last month I ran my first Kindle Countdown Deal, more as an experiment as anything. My book The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD is on a niche subject and while it sells steadily it sells slowly – an “average” month sees me selling about 60 copies across Kindle and print, or more »

What are Kindle Countdown Deals?

Authors selling Kindle books have the opportunity to join Kindle Select, through which they can run occasional promotional offers – either free giveaways or Kindle Countdown Deals. In exchange, they have to give Kindle exclusivity on the digital version of the book – so no selling for Nook, iBooks or any other ebook platform.  Opinion more »

5 iPad Apps for Writers

I’ve always found I write better when I’m away from the computer, whether that’s sitting on the sofa, relaxing in the garden or while taking a retreat away from home. In the past I used to lug my laptop everywhere I went but now I get by with just my iPad Air and (sometimes) a more »

Two tools to help you with productivity

Today I want to let you know about two tools I’ve come across recently that have made a big difference to my business productivity. Strangely they both begin with Z …. Have you ever been emailed a file that you can’t open? It’s happened to me plenty of times. Authors often send me their manuscripts more »

Public Domain Images … for your book cover?

This week I stumbled across a brilliant website which posts a beautiful public domain image every day. Often these free-to-use images are pretty shoddy but the ones on Unsplash are of professional quality and I can see them being useful for all sorts of things … …especially book covers. Which reminds me – have you started your more »

Happy World Storytelling Day!

Did you know that today was World Storytelling Day? No, me neither, not till about five minutes ago* … but it seems like a particularly relevant day for me because one of the best parts of my job is helping people to tell their story. Over the last couple of weeks I have been proofreading some more »