Ad hoc writing coaching sessions

Sometimes starting a book is the easy bit; it’s keeping on track that proves tricky. If you would like some help planning out your book, have already started but need someone to keep you accountable or would like to be able to get ad hoc writing coaching as and when you need it, I can help.

Whatever is stopping you from starting or completing your writing project, talking to someone else can often help you move forwards. Together we will identify the blocks that are holding you back and you’ll receive help and advice to get you back on track.

What can you do in a coaching session?

Here are some of the ways people use the sessions:

  • Brainstorm ideas for chapter titles
  • Create a plan and structure for your book
  • Get feedback on specific extracts of text
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Work out why you want to write a book, or who your ideal reader is
  • Accountability – set goals and check in regularly
  • Explore ideas for publishing or promoting your book

How to book your writing coaching session

A one-off writing coaching session costs just £60 (around 45-60 minutes) or you can book 6 sessions for just £300 and use them whenever you need to.


If you would like a more comprehensive programme to help you plan, write, publish and market your book, you may want to look at the Author Coaching Package