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Being a cheerleader is one part of being a book coach

What Does an Author Coach Do?

The digital revolution has changed the world of publishing completely, and along the way, new jobshave been created. One of them is that of the author coach, also known as a writing coach or book coach. While there are plenty of author coaches around, it’s not a role everyone is familiar with, and every author more »

The Conversations with Authors Podcast is Back!

Back in 2014-2015, when I first started focusing on working with writers, I decided to record a series of conversations with authors that I published as a podcast called – wait for it! – Conversations with Authors. Podcasts weren’t really a thing back then, and I was a bit ahead of the times, but I more »

A Brief Overview of What I Do

As The Proof Fairy, I am best known for working with self-publishing authors, ensuring their manuscripts are word-perfect before publication. However, I actually offer a much wider range of services revolving around WORDS – including copywriting, proofreading, newsletter design and WordPress website build and maintenance (see what I did there?!). To give you an idea of more »

Three Reasons to Write a Book About Your Business

It’s now easier than ever to write and self-publish a book. You only need to take a look at the Amazon Kindle store to see that people are churning out novels in every genre – romance, sci-fi, erotica and crime, especially – at an astounding rate. But what’s really taken off is books in the more »

Custom Journals as a Tool for Your Business

Most of us use a diary to track our appointments and engagements. Some of us keep journals to remember interesting events. But sometimes there are things you want to record for which you need something more bespoke. And that’s where custom journals can be useful. My second business, ADHD Kids, provides support and learning for more »

5 Reasons to Write a Book

So you want to write a book? Great! But why? The simple reason might be “Because I want to!” Maybe being an author has been a dream of yours since childhood. You’ve always pictured your name on the cover of a book  – you don’t really care what the book is about or whether it more »

5 Ideas to Help You Find Your Story

You’ve already seen the question right on the homepage of this very site: What’s your story? It’s something authors of all kinds must ask themselves, whether they’re working on fiction or nonfiction, in short stories or in full-length novels. But sometimes – even for those who have excellent material buried in their minds, or deft more »

7 Great Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

Publishing a book has never been so easy … the ever-changing technology landscape means anyone can publish a book at the click of a button. (Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should publish a book, but that’s a different topic!) The internet also brings us a wealth of resources, many of which are completely free more »

The unexpected bonuses of writing a book

Back in 2013 I wrote my book, The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD. I’d always wanted to write a book and it was really just my own blind ambition that led to it actually happening. What I wasn’t expecting was that writing a book would open a whole lot of opportunities for more »

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing

Back in 2013 I published my first (and so far only) book, The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD, about raising my lovely son Daniel, who has had a pretty challenging life. The book came about after many years of wanting to become an author, and a lot of frustration at proofreading more »