Proofreading FAQ

Q. I need someone to proofread and correct my emails / reports / web copy / brochure copy / dissertation / manuscript etc.  Can you help me?

I’d be delighted to! My charges are £8.50 per thousand words, rounded up or down to the nearest 500. That’s an inclusive price – no VAT or hidden extras – so you can calculate how much your document will cost to proofread.

However, if you were likely to send over lots of smaller bits and pieces over the course of the month I’d be happy to work on a cumulative basis e.g. if during the month you sent over seven short documents that came to 3000 words in total I’d charge 3 x £8.50 = 25.50 at the end of the month.

I work in Word using Tracking Changes and you get two documents back – one TRACKED so you can see what’s changed and one CLEAN, corrected and ready to use.

I can also work with PDFs, highlighting areas that need attention and adding comments. However, you would need to make corrections yourself.

I often get pre-booked with larger documents so it’s worth letting me know as far ahead as possible so I can block out time for you. However, I can normally squeeze in shorter documents as and when they arrive and aim to turn them around in 24 hours or less.


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