• Get Unstuck Phone CallHave you ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure which path to take?
  • Been stuck on a project and unable to move forwards?
  • Had a tough decision to make but didn’t know what to do for the best?
  • Trying to find a way through but can’t see the wood for the trees?

If this all sounds familiar, you need the Get Unstuck! Phone Call!

“Thanks, Alison. That was a fab session, really helpful and helped me identify some clear steps forward.” Lisa V.

We’ll talk for on Zoom for around 45 minutes and I guarantee you will go away with a new perspective, a goal to achieve or positive actions to take – or I’ll give you your money back!

During the call we’ll explore your dilemma and I’ll ask you the questions YOU need to answer to help you move forwards. You’ll find yourself challenging your beliefs, overcoming objections and finding new ways to approach the issues that are keeping you stuck.

It’s coaching without commitment! Seriously, there is no obligation to ever use the service again – use it once in a lifetime or once a week, it’s entirely up to you.

Coaching calls cost £75 – but if you don’t feel some positive change by the end of the call, I promise I’ll refund your money!

Click here to book your Get Unstuck! Phone Call.

“After our call I wrote the missing bits of the final chapter. 3615 words in 90 mins! I was on fire. My hands ache and it needs a lot of editing but I’m getting there. I wish I’d called you a week earlier before I lost some of my hair 🙂 Thanks again.” Jude J.

Just to reassure you, I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. I will use all my coaching skills and competencies to help you get unstuck – and everything discussed in your call will be 100% confidential.

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