New service launched offering business owners help with online marketing

I’ve recently started to realise that while some people are happy to hand their blogging and social media over to a third party, not everyone is comfortable with that – what they really want is some help to get started doing it for themselves. After giving it some thought I’ve now launched a new service offering business owners help with online marketing such as email newsletters, blogging and social media – and I have my first satisfied client too!

help with online marketingA while ago I had a meeting with Carrie Rose, of Carrie Rose Counselling and Coaching, who wanted to use online marketing to grow her business – but didn’t know where to start. My initial solution was for her to hand it all over to me. I could write blog posts and manage her social media and newsletters, no problem. But it became apparent that my solution wasn’t the right one for Carrie. She didn’t want to hand it all over to me. What she wanted was for me to give her some advice and help with online marketing. She wanted me to show her how to choose and use the right tools, and support her as she took her first steps into the scary world of online marketing.

Now this was a tough one for me. I’m a doer, not a trainer or consultant – or so I thought. But I decided to give it a go, and last month we spent a few hours looking at Carrie’s website, exploring various online marketing tools and talking about how she could use them to promote her business. We had a really productive morning and since then Carrie has sent out her first newsletter and started writing some blog posts – and I’ve made a few changes to her website that she wasn’t confident doing alone.

We’re going to be meeting again to continue moving her marketing forwards, but Carrie has already written me a really lovely testimonial, which you can read at the bottom of this post. The bit that really thrilled me was when she said: “Overall, as a consultant, I feel Alison is supporting, guiding and encouraging me to grow my business online in exactly the way I want it.”

That means a lot to me. With everything I do in business I try to give my clients what they want rather than what I think they want. Carrie didn’t want me to do her blogging or newsletters for her – she wanted the support, training and help with online marketing to do it herself, and that’s what she’s getting.

If you want to use online marketing but don’t know where to start, I would love to help you too. You’ll find more details of my Online Marketing Consultancy Service here – if I can help in any way, drop me a line or call me today on 01367 888229.

I was struggling with my business – not with what to do but how to do it – and then Alison came along and sprinkled her fairy magic. Before meeting Alison, I knew I wanted to update my website, set up a weekly newsletter, become a brilliant blogger, engage in social media, but felt overwhelmed by the technology behind it all. Alison has not only helped me on that front but uses her broader skills to support and advise me on editorial content and design of my website. Plus she’s made some brilliant suggestions I would never have thought of. Overall, as a consultant, I feel she’s supporting, guiding and encouraging me to grow my business online in exactly the way I want it.
Carrie Rose, Carrie Rose Counselling and Consultancy

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