New Year Goals

New Year goals

Happy New Year! I trust you had a wonderful Christmas and saw 2013 in with style – we certainly did.

New Year is of course known as a time for reflection and forward planning and in a recent newsletter I mentioned the three goals I have set myself in business this year, and I asked if anyone else wanted to share their top three goals via this blog. Several people offered to go public with their goals and it’s been fascinating reading what everyone else wants to achieve in 2013. So here is a selection of New Year goals – perhaps they’ll inspire you to set yourself some challenges this year too!

New Year Goals

Alison Neale, The Proof Fairy

In 2013 I want:

1. I want to finish and publish my book about raising a child with ADHD

2. I want to develop and run some blogging workshops

3. I want to grow the consultancy/training part of my business

Carrie Rose – Counsellor and Coach

1. I want to provide inspirational motivational business courses leading employees to feel happier and more fulfilled – both at work and in their personal lives.

2. I want to offer more BBB (Bigger Bolder Better) Club courses for people who want to live their Biggest, Boldest Best lives in 2013.

3. I want to publish my book, Passion Sells, about the importance of passion in business.


Madalyn Morgan – Actress, Writer & Radio Presenter

1. I want to get Foxden Acres, my first novel, and the first of a quartet, proofread and edited (by The Proof Fairy!), and then uploaded onto Kindle and Lulu by Rebecca Emin.

2. I want to finish writing the second novel in the quartet, Applause, which is already half written (55,000 words), and which I’m taking to the Advance Novel course at Caerleon.

3. I want to plot and research the third novel in the quartet, China Blue.    A lot of research needed for this one, but I’d like to make a start this year.


Alastair Broome – Garagetek garage solutions

1. I want to launch a new, very top quality range of storage units for garages.

2. I want to develop our new Online store

3. I want to book a holiday to visit our son in Rwanda where he works for a charity who are building a National cricket ground. (This can be seen at www.rcsf.org.uk/)



Ellen Watts – Trainer, Coach, Writer & Speaker

1. I want to sell 5,000+ copies of my new book ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier’ (due out 3rd week Jan – ready for the book launch on Feb 2nd). My new website www.Ellen-Unlimited.com will be finished in the next couple of days.

2. I want to write a new book called ‘Waggy Tails’ to raise money for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust (www.rrwt.org) and other rescue organisations.

3. I want to extend into our loft space at the bungalow and have a new big bedroom and office space. (no 1 makes no 3 possible)


Nikhilesh Haval – Photographer

1. I want to help independent charities & small historical churches increase their online presence.

2. I want to bring international economy to majority of Oxfordshire’s SMEs by making them easily discovered online.

3. I want to expand “Google 360 Virtual Tours” from sole trader status to company status and create job opportunities.


What an interesting mix of goals we have! I will be checking back now and then to see how everyone is getting on, and at the end of the year I’ll report back on the results!

So what are your New Year goals? I’d love to hear them!


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Great goals. Good luck to everyone. I hope all the goals are achieved.

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