The Proof Fairy is back in business!

The Proof Fairy’s first rule of blogging – do it regularly. Don’t make your website look like a wasteland, with the occasional blog post every now and then, and gaping silent gaps in between. It doesn’t create a good impression of your business,it doesn’t do you any favours …..

And what happens on my own site? There’s a gap of more than two years between posts! I do have an excuse though …

At the start of 2016 everything was going well – I had several regular clients, additional projects and life was good. But then the you-know-what hit the fan and I lost four big clients in three months, through no fault of their own (one died, one went out of business and two grew so big they took in internal staff to do what I’d been doing). After struggling for a while I decided to take on some temping work, expecting to hate every minute of it – but actually I was lucky enough to land at a really lovely company and stayed there for 18 months! I kept a couple of clients and still took on the very occasional piece of work but on the whole, the Proof Fairy had hung up her wings and retired the magic wand and I was reasonably happy with that.

But then you how sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and changes everything? Well, that’s what happened – a sudden change of circumstances means after two years working for The Man I’m back working for The Woman – me!

Thing is, I’m here at my desk, ready and waiting to get started on some juicy projects, but my inbox is deathly quiet. No wonder really, but it’s time to blow away the cobwebs and get myself out there again. The Proof Fairy is officially open for business!

So if you’ve been thinking about writing a book, but don’t know where to start, this is your time – because I can help you conceive the idea, plan the project, get it written and do all the fiddly technical bits to bring your dream to reality.

Or if you’ve done the hard work already, but the manuscript is languishing on your computer, let me know. I can edit it, format it, create a killer cover and together we can release it into the world!

While my focus this time round is very much on helping authors bring their idea for a book from possibility to plan to publication, I’m still here for all those other “wordy” projects, like proofreading, copywriting, blog posts, newsletters and WordPress websites.

Even better, from now until the end of the year my prices are the same as they were in summer 2016.

So if you need some Proof Fairy magic in your life, please do get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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