Yakov Smart: Expert Authority and Business Growth

Welcome to Conversations with Authors, where I – Alison Thompson, AKA The Proof Fairy – meet amazing authors and find out what inspires them to write and what advice they would offer other aspiring authors.

In this episode I’m heading across the Atlantic to meet Yakov Smart, an author, speaker, trainer and leading authority on digital marketing. Yakov was only 23 when he wrote his second book Disrupting LinkedIn and it has played a major role in catapulting his business to a six-figure income. 

During our conversation we discuss using books to leverage business opportunities and how becoming an author makes you an expert authority. We also talk about choosing a title, the importance of good cover design, writing your book in manageable chunks and using dictation tools. 

More About Yakov Smart 

Yakov Smart is known as a leading authority when it comes to attracting premium clients online. Yakov grew his business from zero to multiple six-figures as a direct result of tapping into the strategies and systems he now teaches. This innovative approach has also led to Yakov being booked to speak on numerous stages, receiving thousands of dollars in free publicity and having business owners from across the world attend his seminars. With Yakov’s proven system, entrepreneurs and thought leaders have a new way of attracting their dream clients without the marketing activities theyhate but have been told they “should” be doing.

A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, today Yakov is the proud leader of Connect and Profit where he and his team especially enjoy working with entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have a big vision, love the work they do and see their businesses as vehicles for making a positive impact on the world. Other than in front of his laptop, you can find Yakov exploring new restaurants, attending the occasional comedy show and enjoying the expansive Arizona mountain views. 


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