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How to write the perfect blog post

I owe a lot to Lord Reith, the BBC’s first Director General, because his maxim “to inform, educate and entertain” has helped me hugely with my blog writing. I’m often asked how to write the perfect blog post and while there’s no such thing as “perfect”, I do reply that the best blog posts achieve …

Exciting developments at Proof Fairy HQ

Over the last twelve months my services have diversified from basic proofreading and editing to web design, blogging and social media. Basically, I gave myself a mission – to help every small business tap into the power of the internet to market themselves – and I’ve been developing the products and service with that goal …

How long does blogging take?

Blogging can take as little or as much time as you want – but it should only take you an hour a week to make it effective. And blog posts can be as long or as short as you want – but often, less is more.

7 ideas for your business blog

Blogging for business is a fabulous way to promote your website, because it keeps the content fresh and that attracts new visitors, keeps people coming back for more AND lets the search engines know your website is active. But inspiration often dries up after the first few posts – so what can you blog about? …

Blogging for Business: video advert!

My first foray into video blogging – this is also on YouTube and I hope it will capture a % or two of the 2 billion+ views every day! The music’s a little cheesy but the message is there 😉 Thanks to Maximum Marketing for creating this!

How my editing service can help your business

People often don’t understand how outsourcing to or using an editing and writing service can help them with their business. I hope this little story will give you some ideas on how you can use my services to help you promote your business! One of my biggest clients organises biotechnology events and recently went to …