How my editing service can help your business

People often don’t understand how outsourcing to or using an editing and writing service can help them with their business. I hope this little story will give you some ideas on how you can use my services to help you promote your business!

One of my biggest clients organises biotechnology events and recently went to an industry conference. She came back with reams of notes she’d taken and asked me if I could rearrange them – edit them – into a format she could share with her team. Despite not knowing much about biotechnology I put together a 1500 word report on the conference for my client to circulate around her company. They spotted three main topics running through the report – funding, research and the future of the industry – so my client asked me if I could rewrite it as three short articles that could be used on their website and in e-newsletters. Not a problem! I broke the report down into smaller, self-contained chunks in a more accessible style of writing, and those blog articles were used on the company’s website. They were seen not only by current clients but also by prospective customers who visited the site.

That was the first job I completed for this particular client and since then we’ve worked together often. I’ve created an exhibition programme for them, laid out badge templates, commissioned a banner and updated the text in pre-existing leaflets. From one small editing job we now¬† have a solid working relationship and I have become their outsourced Design/PR consultant!

If you would like to find out more about how my editing and writing service could help your business, drop me a line or give me a call on 01367 888229.

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  1. What an excellent case study! There is nothing like extending a piece of work into something better. Of course carving up a large article into smaller, bite-sized chunks for a longer and more effective crack at the visibility whip is a superb way of promoting your expertise.

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