Create your own Glossi magazine!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Flipboard, the iPad tool that pulls together various articles on a theme into “magazines”. Well today I’ve discovered another new tool that actually lets you create an online magazine from scratch … Glossi uses a drag-and-drop interface to let you add text, images and even video to a more »

How Writing a Book can Change Your Life!

So you probably know that I wrote and published my first book earlier this year. I’m often asked how it’s doing and the answer is …. pretty well, actually. The book has sold over 400 copies, brings in around £150 a month in royalties and has 24 reviews on Amazon UK, 22 of which are five star! more »

How to use Flipboard to promote your business

How to use Flipboard for business

This week I wanted to give you a quick heads up about another cool app for iOS and Android devices – Flipboard. This is a tool that helps you find information on the subjects that interest you, and it’s great for reading all the latest news on film releases/art journalling/cricket/insert random hobby here in one place. more »

An interesting way to look back on your business

Back in 2011 a fellow proofreader, Liz Broomfield of Libro Editing, launched a “Small Business Chat” feature on her blog, where she interviews a different small business owner every week about why they started their business, how they’ve grown it, where they want it to go and what lessons they’ve learnt along the way. The more »

Being a cheerleader is one part of being a book coach

What is a book coach?

The landscape of publishing has changed completely, and along with the digital revolution, new job roles have come along too. Amongst them is the role of the book coach. While there are plenty of book coaches around, it’s not a job title that everyone has come across, and every book coach will offer a unique more »

New Year Goals – half year check in, part 1

At the start of the year I and five other business owners set ourselves some goals for 2013. The idea was that if we put our goals “out there” we’d be  more likely to accomplish them – because it would provide a kind of accountability. So here we are, almost at the end of June more »

Top 5 health risks of social media

We keep hearing how social media is good for business, but have you ever considered the negative effects it could have – especially on your health? Read on to find out more in this interesting guest blog post … It’s hard to deny the growing presence of social media in our lives and brands have more »