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WRITE-THAT-BOOK-copy-300x123One of the best things that’s happened as a result of writing my book is that I have genuinely changed other people’s lives. The first inkling of that was when someone emailed me to tell me that since reading the book she felt better equipped to support her son, and the reviews on Amazon continue to echo those thoughts. Every time I read someone saying something like “I am more positive there is light at the end of this long tunnel” or “Thank you for helping me realise I’m not on my own” I get a rosy glow. While the monthly Amazon royalty payments are very welcome, it’s those reviews that really make me feel like sharing my story was a worthwhile thing to do.

Which got me thinking … I am nothing special (really, I’m not!) and if I can share my story and make a difference then you can too. We are all unique individuals living unique lives – yet there’s not really that much in life that’s unique, and sharing your story can help other people feel less alone, or inspire them to make more of life. And I know many people would like to write a book but don’t know where to start, who will read it or simply don’t think they have the time to do it.

With that in mind I have developed a brand new six month online writing program. The Write That Book! program gives you everything you need to help you write and publish your story, however busy you are, however little time you have to write. Working over 6 months gives you the flexibility to write a little every day, or a lot now and then. There will be fortnightly webinars to help you structure your book, get it written, choose the right publishing path and do all the bits and pieces needed to turn your rough draft into a quality book. And each week we’ll set manageable goals and give you a level of accountability that will spur you on to write. Finally, working with a group of fellow authors will mean you’re never alone on your journey.

The program starts in March and I have some spaces left, so if that sounds good, please take a look at www.writethatbook.co.uk for all the information you need. Hurry, because it’s on offer at a special launch price right not … And if you know any budding writers who might be interested please do let them know!

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  1. Writing a book has always been my dream and with the help of this article, I will be able to realise my dream successfully. Your story is really very fascinating you have inspired many people through your books. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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