What’s Your Story? And Why Does It Matter?

Quite often people tell me they would love to write a book – but they don’t think they’ve got anything to say, or they don’t think other people will be interested in reading it. When it comes down to it, what they’re really saying – even if they wouldn’t want to admit it to themselves – is they don’t see themselves as having any value.

whats your storyI can say that because it happened to me. Every time I thought about writing a book it was the little voices in my head that held me back – those voices that said, “Why bother? What have you got to say anyway? And why would anyone listen?”

The incredible thing about us human beings is that we are all unique, and we all matter. Everything you’ve been through in life, whether positive or negative, has played its part in shaping the YOU you are today. It could be that you’ve travelled the world, or started a successful business, or overcome a serious illness. Maybe you’ve flirted with fame or invented something or started a revolution. Or perhaps you are like the majority of us – plodding along, taking on everything that life throws at you and coming out the other side smiling (most of the time). Whatever you’ve been through in life, however desperate or challenging or mundane, you got through it – you must have done, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now. And you’ve picked up skills and knowledge and experience that you can pass on to other people in similar situations, to help them get through it too.

And that’s why your story matters. It’s unique to you – but really, there are very few situations in life that are truly unique. Illness, divorce, moving house, childbirth, bereavement – we all encounter those things at some time or other, and reading about how other people coped in challenging situations can be a huge source of comfort. Your story can help other people overcome adversity, take on new challenges, aspire to want more from life. And simply knowing that you have been there and done it – and lived to tell the tale – will inspire others to follow in your footsteps. So don’t for a minute think you have nothing to say, or no one will be interested. Because you have – and they will.

So what’s your story? I’d love to hear it.

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