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What Trim Size Should I Use For My Book?

When I format paperback books for my clients, the first question I ask them is “What trim size do you want your book to be?” and their answer is usually “Oh, just the normal one.” But the thing is, there IS no ‘normal’ trim size! You may think books are all the same size but …

B.P. Shields: retelling Chinese classics for the western reader

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet B. P. Shields. Brendan has been writing for pleasure all his life but it took a trip to China to inspire him to write his first book – in fact three books – the Rise of the Three Kingdoms trilogy, which is a modern retelling of the 16th century Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In our conversation Brendan shares some tips for dealing with writer’s block and overcoming self-doubt and talks me through his editing process.

What’s Your Story? New book coming out November 2021

I love helping people to write and publish books, but I’ve been very quiet in the book-writing department myself … but not any longer! Back in 2018 I drafted out a book about how to write a book, and then in January 2020 I started writing that book. I got about 3,000 words in but …

Angela Atkinson: blogger, author and Born Again Swindonian

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Angela Atkinson, an author turned blogger and lover of all things Swindonian! Angela is the author of four books based on Swindon buildings and history, and in our conversation we discuss publishers and their marketing strategies – or lack of – and why it’s a good idea to be friends with your local branch of Waterstones!

Brian Finney: English Literature professor, novelist and non-fiction author

In this episode of Conversations with Authors I meet Brian Finney, an English literature professor and author of seven books, including literary critique, fiction and a treatise on the effects of 9/11 on American society. In our conversation I find out how Brian’s academic career took him into the world of writing. We also discuss the freedom of self-publishing, and Brian talks about how the psychology of his characters can change the plot.

A quick guide to editing for self-publishing authors

Remember the time when it was difficult to become a published author? Back in the day there were only two routes available – either you were lucky enough to be picked up by a publisher, or you paid a small fortune to a dodgy company to ‘vanity publish’ your book. Now, of course, it’s different. …