Ellen Watts: Cosmic Ordering, or How writing a book led to two new businesses

My guest today is Ellen Watts, an award-winning author, coach, trainer, publisher and expert in cosmic ordering. Ellen is a long time friend and client of mine, and in our chat I found out the story behind how her book Cosmic Ordering Made Easier led to not one but two new businesses. 

We also talk about how the fear of writing can lead to procrastination and Ellen has some great ideas on how to overcome it. 

More About Ellen Watts 

Ellen Watts is an award-winning coach, trainer, speaker and author. She’s also an expert in cosmic ordering and the author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easier. In her book she describes how she uses cosmic ordering to magically transform her own life and business and it has helped thousands of people around the world.  

Since 1996, Ellen has personally trained and coached thousands of individuals and businesses in the UK and around the globe to get more of what they want, more often, in their personal lives, at work and in business in a calm and confident way, with ease and without struggle or conflict. She is also an author and publisher, and in 2021, she set up Butterfly House Publishing through which she helps coaches, therapists, consultants and trainers to write and publish books that will build their business. 


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