3 essential online tools for small business

We all have our own favourite online business tools – websites and applications that help us run our business just that bit more efficiently. Today I wanted to share three of my favourite  tools with you. You may already use Dropbox, Buffer App and Twitterfeed, but if you don’t, they’re well worth investigating – I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Dropbox: This is a great online storage facility that lets you store up to 5GB of files free of charge. It’s more than that though – the beauty of Dropbox is you can access those files anywhere. I keep all my business documents in a Dropbox folder and can access them from my desktop or laptop computer, iPad or iPhone – and if I’m on someone else’s computer I can even sign into the website and get at my files that way! Dropbox really simplifies working on the move because I know I can get my hands on anything I need wherever I am.
More about Dropbox here

BufferApp is a fantastic way to keep your social media profiles active when you’re busy by scheduling updates. I use it to manage client accounts but if I wanted to, I could load it up with tweets for me and send them out at predefined times. The free account lets you add up to 10 updates to send to one account each of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; for just $10 a month you can have up to 12 accounts and unlimited updates. It definitely makes social media easier to manage – though of course you still need to do spontaneous updates and get involved too.
More about Buffer App here

Twitterfeed: When I first started setting up websites for clients I struggled to find a reliable way of automatically cross-posting blog posts to social media accounts – until I found Twitterfeed. This tool is free to use and really simple to set up, and it lets you add your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and then scans your blog periodically and sends out links to each account. Once it’s set up it just runs like magic, with no other input needed – just what I like!
More about Twitterfeed

As I said, I would be lost without these tools and I hope you have a look if you’re not already using them !

(A quick note – two of the three have referral links – meaning if you follow the link and sign up to either Buffer App or Dropbox both you and I will get extra space/extra accounts!)


  1. Another great tool for small businesses is Proofhub. It is one such tool, that with a few clicks helps people plan, organize and deliver any kind of work with as much ease as they would want to.

    1. Thanks, I’ll take a look!

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