Time for a Change!

One of the wonderful things about having your own business is that you don’t have to keep treading the same path and doing the same things. Businesses grow organically and being your own boss means you can respond to change really quickly. And that’s what’s been happening with The Proof Fairy.

When I first started this business it was as a sideline to something else I was doing, but for the last few months it has become my full time business, and I’ve started putting in place new elements to make it a “proper” business rather than a “bit on the side”! You’ll probably already have noticed the new logo, designed by Gareth Coxon of Dot Design; you may also have spotted a slight change in the services I offer, including the addition of two blogging packages.

Well, over the next couple of weeks you’ll notice a few more changes – in particular, this website. To tie in with the direction the business is now heading, the website will be moving away from the lovely wordpress.com to the even lovelier wordpress.org. I hope the transition will be smooth and problem-free – but if you notice any irregularities over the next few days, rest assured, they will be sorted out pronto!

So, that’s about it from this site for now … see you on the other side!

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  1. New site looks good.

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