Lindsay Woodward: Love stories with a sci-fi or supernatural twist

Welcome to Conversations with Authors, where I – Alison Thompson, AKA The Proof Fairy – meet amazing authors and find out what inspired them to write and what advice they would offer other aspiring authors. 

Today’s guest is Lindsay Woodward. Lindsay writes love stories with a sci-fi or supernatural twist. Her novels all have romance at their heart but with a sprinkling of something weird thrown into the mix. She currently has seven published novels with her eighth book coming out this summer.

In our conversation Lindsay gives some useful advice on how to plan novels and talks about how she uses her own life experiences as inspiration for her supernatural love stories.

More about Lindsay Woodward

Lindsay Woodward is the author of seven books supernatural love stories including the Birds trilogy. Her eighth book is due out in 2021.

Lindsay’s website: https://www.lindsay-woodward.com/

Lindsay Woodward

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  1. Alison Thompson is a remarkable professional proof fairy and without her help I probably would never have published my second book. My first book wasn’t very professionally published because I did not employ a proof fairy, however, this my second book , my life story ‘ The Life of a Yorkshire Lad’ has been a good seller and I owe that to Ms. Alison Thompson for the professional way in which she proofed the book before it was published and I would recommend her services highly. Alison was introduced to me by a friend, himself an Author of three books and another on the way, he being Mr Alan Owen director of ‘LABRATS INTERNATIONAL’ an organisation that helps Nuclear veterans around the world who has also helped me with getting my book published. So, without Alan and Alison,s professionalism my book would probably still be laying in a drawer in its manuscript stage. Thank you so much Proof Fairy Alison Thompson.

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