5 Reasons to Write a Book

So you want to write a book? Great! But why? The simple reason might be “Because I want to!” Maybe being an author has been a dream of yours since childhood. You’ve always pictured your name on the cover of a book  – you don’t really care what the book is about or whether it sells, you just want to see your name in lights. But for most people there are more concrete reasons why they want to write a book. When I published my first book back in 2013, my main reason for writing it was that I wanted to make a difference. If just one person felt their life was improved by reading what I had to say, my job here was done – it’s as simple as that! But that might not be the reason why you want to become an author, so here are 5 reasons to write a book (and one reason why you shouldn’t!)

5 reasons to write a book

1. Tell your story

We all have our own stories to tell about the things that have happened in our lives. Maybe you’ve recovered from illness, overcome a major obstacle or escaped a damaging relationship. Perhaps you have an interesting family history or unusual hobby. Have you discovered a unique way of living or working that you think would benefit others? Or do you have an inventive imagination – is there an amazing fictional world in your head simply waiting to get out? No matter what your story, it’s a story worth telling … so why not do just that?

2. Share your expertise

We all have a wealth of knowledge in our heads that deserves sharing with a wider audience. You might think, “But there are hundreds of books on marketing/self help/accountancy/divorce out there already!” and yes, there probably are, but they aren’t written by you. They don’t include your unique viewpoint and experience. And there’s always space for another one.

3. Pass on advice

Whatever you’ve been through in life, you’ll have picked up a wealth of tips and advice that other people can benefit from. Think about the times when friends asked you for advice – whether it was on relationships, car care, crafts or anything else, they came to you because they respect your opinion. Take the most important things you’ve learned in life and turn them into a book that will help other people.

4. Raise your profile

If you run a business this is an especially important reason why you should write a book. Sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience raises your profile within your industry. It serves as proof that you know your stuff and it sets you apart from all the other practitioners in your sector because you can demonstrate your knowledge in a very public way. Quite simply, it positions you as THE expert in your field.

5. Open the door to new opportunities

This is a very good reason for writing a book, and one I had heard but didn’t quite believe until it happened to me! Telling your story, sharing your knowledge and experience and raising your profile as an expert in your field leads to opportunities galore. As soon as I published my first book, on ADHD, I was invited to speak at seminars and conferences, I had articles published in leading specialist magazines, and I appeared in local and national media. I also started a whole new business! It’s amazing what opportunities can come your way if you keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Don’t dismiss the idea that writing a book will change your life completely…

One reason why you shouldn’t write a book!

Don’t write a book solely to make money. Sure, it can be a good source of secondary income, and if you write a series of books you could find that income becomes quite substantial, but unless you are the next JK Rowling you’re unlikely to make your fortune being a writer! Look on any income as a bonus and focus on the benefits above – and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful author.


Want to become a published author and start enjoying the benefits? I have put together a workbook to help you find a topic and plan your first book. Simply fill in your details here to get your copy!

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  1. Thank you! I have been wanting to write a book for years but didnt know what the point would be – after all, it would just be my take on things and there are dozens of similar books out there. But this post has showed me that there is room for my views, and it’s encouraged me to make a start!

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