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When you build as many websites as I do, having a reliable web hosting company is vital. For the last two years I have been a customer of Heart Internet and I thought it was about time I did a little review to thank them for the amazing service they give me!

I have a reseller account at Heart, which means that for a fixed monthly fee I can host as many websites as I want. Each of those websites has unlimited webspace, unlimited traffic and an unlimited number of mailboxes available. However, Heart also does web hosting for individual websites, with prices starting at £2.49 a month for the most basic package – which still has more features than you can shake a stick at – and £7.49 for the Home Pro version, which is suitable for most businesses.

Heart’s hosting package is really quite mind-blowing, and I haven’t even touched on most of the features within it. For me, the most useful bit is the one click installation for a range of platforms including WordPress. If blogging isn’t your thing, then they give you a copy of Serif’s WebPlus software, which is about £60 to buy. And they even supply a whole loads of decent enough templates if you want to build your website the old way, using HTML.

Heart’s Control Panel (C Panel) has a huge number of options, tools and widgets for you to explore. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, I have to admit, but here’s where I think Heart Internet really excels – their customer support is truly superb. I have emailed them countless times because I’ve got a problem, I can’t work out how to do something or I’ve broken something, and they reply really quickly. I’m talking REALLY quickly here – not days, not hours, but minutes after I log a support ticket, they come back with a reply. And because Heart Internet is completely located in the UK, the replies always make sense, too!

Because I’m such a happy customer I’ve recently become an accredited affiliate for them, which means I will earn a small commission from any sales via my website. But don’t let that put you off … I wouldn’t be recommending them if I wasn’t 100% happy with the company.


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