Why do 50% of small businesses NOT have a website?

I know, it sounds like a joke … but there’s no neat punch line. Software company Serif recently surveyed 400 small businesses in the UK and found that a staggering 54% of them don’t have any sort of website. Of those that don’t have a website, more than half don’t even think they need one.

Yet when the same people were asked about their own purchasing habits, 81% admitted they prefer to source information online before spending money and they would rather not do business with companies that don’t have an online presence!

To further confuse the issue, those business owners who do have a website confirmed that at least 40% of their new customer leads are generated through their website!

So just why are so many businesses missing out on the huge benefits that the internet can offer?

From my own experience, it seems that business owners think websites are just too expensive. Often they’ve actually approached a web designer and been quoted hundreds and even thousands of pounds for an all-singing, all-dancing website that has every whistle and bell ever invented. The business owner can’t afford the quote, or can’t see that it would be worth the investment – so they don’t bother at all.

The truth is, most businesses would benefit hugely from even a very simple website, and the cost of a website can be as little or as much as you want it to be. You can build your own site for nothing using one of the many free resources available. You can buy software such as Serif’s own WebPlusfor about £60 and build a website. Or if you wanted someone else to do the hard work for you, you could always contact someone like me who will listen carefully to what you want and what your budget is, and build you a flexible, professional website that will grow as your needs change.

So if you know a business that doesn’t yet have a website please tell them this: 80% of people in the UK are now online – that’s a staggering 49 MILLION potential customers for their business! If that’s not enough to get them online, I don’t know what will!

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