Three very different book launches – and one of my own!

Over the last month or so I’ve been honoured to attend three very different book launches for clients of mine. Each was very lovely in its own way – and now I am planning my own one too!

The first was a very glitzy affair for Ellen Watts and her first book Cosmic Ordering Made Easier. This was held at a swish hotel, with cocktails and canapes, goodie bags, merchandise on sale and a fascinating presentation by Ellen about cosmic ordering. Sadly I was coming down with flu at the time so I felt utterly miserable and ill and huddled in the corner watching Ellen and her guests having a wonderful time!

Me with author Peter Jones at his book launch in Southend
Me with author Peter Jones at his book launch in Southend

The second launch was held in Waterstones in Southend-on-Sea and was to celebrate the launch of Peter Jones’  How to Do Everything and Be Happy. Peter originally self-published this book, but it has done so well that he has been picked up by Harper Collins, who have reprinted the book and organised distribution to bookshops all over the country. This launch was very relaxed – just Peter and his friends in the shop with a pile of books, lots of hugs, smiley face badges and lollipops and fizz …  very enjoyable!

Finally I went to my first ever virtual book launch for Madalyn Morgan’s debut novel, Foxden Acres. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was only able to attend for an hour in the evening as I was out during the day, but this was a lot of fun too. Madalyn chatted with friends, family and fans alike, organised a prize raffle and shared photos. (You can see what went on here.)

So three very different book launches – and now I am ready to organise one of my own! I have finally finished a personal project – a book called The Boy from Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD – and on Saturday 6th April I will be hosting a virtual launch party on Facebook. As well as the chance to chat with other people, including many parents of ADHD children, there will be extracts from the book, a raffle and a virtual scavenger hunt … and there may be more in the pipeline too. You are all invited …. I do hope you can make the date!

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