Are you 100% sure you can proofread your own work?

Most of us are unable to proofread our own words. By the time we’ve thought them, written them, read them and checked them we know them so well we see what we expect to see, not what is actually on the page.

It’s not just weighty documents  that need proofreading either; it could be that small typo in an email to a potential client that makes or breaks the deal. Unchecked typos indicate a lack of attention to detail, leaving clients wondering where else you might be sloppy.

I offer a Pay As You Go Proofreading Service, and will proofread all your documents, no matter how large or small. Simply send me your web copy, letters, emails and reports and I’ll check them, correct them and return them to you in a ready-to-use format.

The Pay As You Go Proofreading Service costs £20 an hour, and I will only bill you for the actual time I spend on your words (rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes).

Email me for more details, or call me on 01367 888229.

My Pay As You Go Proofreading Service includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your work, picking up typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and sloppy punctuation
  • Light copy-editing to ensure your copy is fluent and easy to understand
  • Recommendations on layout and use of fonts to make your document or website consistent and coherent
  • Website links checked to ensure they are working and point to the right destination
  • A range of formats for your checked document, including a Word document with tracking changes accompanied by a “clean” ready to use Word doc; a finished, clean document plus correction sheet; or PDFs with errors highlighted and commented on.

Proofreading available for:

Websites, manuscripts, emails, sales brochures, booklets, newsletters, theses, dissertations, manuscripts, self-published works, CVs and more.

To work out estimated costs, I proofread between 3000-6000 words per hour, depending on subject matter, number of errors etc.

Please contact me for more details.

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